Actuator: Release v0.7.3

Maintenance update that fixes the case when Pie Menu was not available in some situations. The minimum radius for Pie Menu is exposed to the settings.


  • Add: Pie Menu radius is not can be set via settings
  • Fix: Pie Menu will not show up when some other layers such as Vector is selected.

What to do after update? The fix fill not work for existing groups. You need to rename the groups to some new names (and rename back). This will force the plugin to recreate Actions files for pie menus. Also you will have to reassign the shortcuts to call the Pie Menus.

API candidate

  • NodeType – intellisence-friendly selection of Node types. Use this symbol to reduce errors during copy/paste
  • add_child_node_below – Analog of node.addChildNode but adds the node below the specified node.