Activate Custom Transform with Actuator

Custom script step to activate particular type of transformation for Transform Tool.
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication, QToolButton

from krita import Krita

transforms = {
    "Free": "freeTransformButton",
    "Perspective": "perspectiveTransformButton",
    "Warp": "warpButton",
    "Cage": "cageButton",
    "Liquify": "liquifyButton",
    "Mesh": "meshButton",

def activate_specific_transform(name: str):
    name: The name of the tranform.
    app = Krita.instance()
    qwin = app.activeWindow().qwindow()


    button: QToolButton = qwin.findChild(QToolButton, name)

# Free, Perspective, Warp, Cage, Liquify, Mesh

The activation is done via calling activate_specific_transform function with a particular argument. Replace “Mesh” with any of the values: Free, Perspective, Warp, Cage, Liquify, Mesh to activate the type of transformation you want to use.

Download sequence.

Do you use different kinds of transforms interchangeably? Make a group with different scripts and use Pie Menu for quick access.