Actuator: Release v0.7

Complete overhaul of Sequence editor. Introducing Groups to combine sequences into collections. Assign a shortcut to call the Pie Menu for every group.

By redesigning the way the sequences are organized and modified we are now introducing Groups. Now you can combine your sequences in the groups. Set the active group to display on the Docker or assign a shortcut to display a Pie Menu.

Additions and Changes

Along with fixes and modification this update introduces new functionality:

  • Add tab for editing groups with sequences
  • Add Pie Menus for groups with sequences
  • Add Status Bar to display status messages (bottom part of Configuration window)
  • Add 4 more icons to Icons Preset
  • Add basic logging and debugging capabilities – should improve client support
  • Improved Icons Preset dialog with icons from Actuator Plugin
  • Sequences Manage tab is redesigned
  • Changed sequence and groups saving behavior: now every change that needs to be saved to configuration file is saved right away

Fixed the Issue: In “New Sequence” mode – After clicking on “Always Display” Sequence is saved


The API is expanded with the following functionality:

  • UI: Add SearchableListView component
  • UI: Add SquareButton widget
  • UI: Add ConfirmItemsListDialog dialog
  • UI: Add two widgets – QHLine and QVLine
  • Other: Add diplay_global_message to create a little popup to inform user about important events